10 ways to change your financial habits in 2016

1 Overhaul your mortgage Since your mortgage is likely to be your biggest monthly outgoing, this is a good place to start. Borrowers can look forward to continued cheap money and great mortgage deals, following recent indications from the Bank of England that ultra-low interest rates are here to stay until 2017 at least. Fixed-rate […]

How to make a success of living

1. Set out some ground rules At the outset, you need to be open and honest and set out some ground rules. You need to discuss how you see your living situation working, how much independence each person needs, and what some of the sticking points may be. If you are open with one another […]

Money saving tips for Valentine’s Day

It’s the beginning of February and this means one thing and one thing only: Valentine’s Day is approaching! The most romantic day of the year is less than two weeks away and the pressure of doing something wonderful on the 14th for our other half is building. But does doing something wonderful mean having to […]

Buying Your Personal Id Card Printer

You should start off by feeling confident and anticipating the pleasures of both the building process itself and the enjoyment of using your new garden shed when its construction is complete. Not only will you have acquired new handyman skills, but you will have saved a heap of money and at the same time added […]

10 Methods To Save Money On Advertising

One of the biggest and most important tips for planning a wedding is to prepare a wedding budget. Your wedding could easily become very expensive, you will have so many choices and decisions to make, it will be very easy to over spend. Once you set your budget make sure you stick to it, don’t […]